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Tips and tricks!

Make money by clicking links!

Want more wad in your pocket? Have a look at AdBux, they actually give you money for clicking links. If that's not easy money right into your pocket, then I don't know.

Note: The link makes you register with me as a referral. This means that I get a little money each time you click a link, but you do not earn any less! So please, register by clicking that link - and keep my name in the referrer field. Think of it as a way to thank me for all the cool stuff ^^,

Want to watch any movie file imaginable?

If you come across some wierd movie format you've never heard about, there's a good chance that the CCCP package is for you. .flv or .mkv files, perhaps? No problem.

Everyone has heard of VLC, but CCCP is even better. Much more customization options, smoother performance, better image quality and higher compability. You should try it.

Download CCCP!